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Workplace Jazz Tip: Acres of Diamonds

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Workplace Jazz Tip: The Benefits of Positivity

In this fascinating interview, Jim Cathcart shares his story, how to overcome key challenges especially in times of crisis and why you should think like an oak if you want to be a great acorn.

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Gerald Leonard Conversation with David Dyson and Donald Robinson. This is a fascinating conversation among these top talented musicians.

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In this episode, Gerald interviews Donald Robinson, a Grammy Nominated Producer, Songwriter, Arranger, and Studio Owner. During this interview, Donald shares lessons he learned from Grover Washington Jr. and how Grover set the example for his band in life, music, and connecting with the next generation of musicians. To learn more about Donald Robinson Studios go to

In this episode, Gerald engages in a fascinating discussion with Donald Robinson and Mike Rayburn. They discuss music, life, business, success and the critical importance of practice among other topics. To learn more about Donald Robinson Studios go to and to learn more about Mike Rayburn go to

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