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Why You Need a Workplace Jazz Culture

Workplace Jazz teaches the strategies and steps professionals need to connect and transform their agile project teams and execute for optimum results.


301: Gerald Leonard – Workplace Jazz

Neuroscience | Music | Productivity| C-IQ Coach | Agile PPM | TEDx Speaker | Bassist

Creating High-Performing Teams Like a Jazz Band with Gerald J. Leonard

On this week’s episode of the Leadership Habit Podcast, host Jenn DeWall, MBA, ACC sat down with Gerald J. Leonard PfMP PMP, CEO, author, and musician to chat about creating a high-performance team.

The Jennifer Hammond Show

twitter: @SXMUrbanView / @JENNIFERHAMMOND facebook: @sxmurbanview / @jenniferhrealty

Leadership Without Losing Your Soul

In this episode, conservatory-trained jazz musician, author, and CEO Gerald Leonard gives you leadership approaches to help you build teams that operate like a jazz ensemble.

NPR's Jazzed About Work

Today’s guest, Gerald Leonard, is an accomplished bassist with two degrees in music. He is also a highly qualified IT project management consultant, and has earned numerous leadership credentials.

A leadership framework for cultures that deliver with Gerald Leonard

As a conservatory trained bassist and widely certified productivity and culture consultant, Gerald Leonard leverages the synergies of music and business to help teams deliver outstanding performances.

Gerald Leonard | CEO, Principles of Execution, LLC

A professional bassist, Gerald J. Leonard offers a unique approach to accomplishing more productivity in the workplace.

6 Tips To Plan Your Week For Ultimate Productivity

While you might know how to plan a productive meeting or a productive day, you may not know how to plan for an entire week of productivity. Gerald J. Leonard, the CEO of Principles of Execution and author of Workplace Jazz: How to Improvise

Focus on the Music

Predictability through improvisation - what project management can learn from jazz. Rob Tieman is the Director of the Project Management Office at the Virginia Department of Transportation. Gerald Leonard is a Strategic PMO Advisor for the government, Juilliard-trained musician, and author of Workplace Jazz.

Gerald Leonard on Project Management, Culture, & Creativity in the Future of Work

Gerald Leonard has done it all. Corporate project management, starting his own consulting business, two-time author, jazz musician, and even ministry. He puts us to shame (in a great way). We talk about all of these things through our wide ranging conversation, including how in the future, almost all work will be project-based, and what that means for all of us. Enjoy!

Workplace Jazz with Gerald Leonard

Culture change expert, Gerald Leonard shares with us his unique style and musical learnings to improve workplace productivity.

Do What You Love, Success Will Follow | Gerald J. Leonard

Gerald J Leonard is "The Workplace Jazz Guy." Gerald offers a unique approach to accomplishing more productivity in the workplace.

Guy Kawasaki

Why You Need a Workplace Jazz Culture

Guy Kawasaki LinkedIn share (3 million + followers)

How to treat your team like a group of talented artists

Leading by example and inspiring others means embodying your company’s vision and its underlying values. Gerald Leonard, author of Workplace Jazz, offers five ways to treat your team like a group of talented artists

Building a Positive Agile Mindset

Researchers have shown that a positive attitude literally changes your brain. In “New Stanford Study: A Positive Attitude Literally Makes Your Brain Work Better,” featured in Inc. magazine,

LinkedIn "You've Got This" interview

Gerald J. Leonard shares how you can hit the right notes at work with jazz

How to treat your team like a group of talented artists

Leading by example and inspiring others means embodying your company’s vision and its underlying values. Gerald Leonard, author of Workplace Jazz, offers five ways to treat your team like a group of talented artists

This year’s top 10 must-read HR books

#8 Workplace Jazz: 9 Steps to Creating High-Performing Agile Teams

Dr. Bunny

Ask Dr. Bunny. Improvise? Workplace Jazz? Gerald Leonard, guest.

Gerald Leonard joins Dr. Bunny to discuss the concept of improvisation, and so much more.

Growth Amplifiers

Create High Performing Teams via Workplace Jazz with Gerald J. Leonard

In Workplace Jazz, Gerald raises a battle cry for individual and corporate responsibility in building cultures that are healthier and more productive for those working in them.

3 Ways to Strengthen Virtual Teams

During the global pandemic, we’ve all realized that our staff members are the most important asset you have in our business.

Dan Janal

#091 – Gerald J. Leonard, Author of Workplace Jazz

As a musician, you learn to mimic. You watch other musicians who are much better than you are.

What Music Can Teach You About Consulting with Gerald J. Leonard: Podcast #183

Sometimes, one’s love for music will give you more than entertainment. For Gerald J. Leonard of Principles of Execution, this put him on a path toward success in the realm of consulting.

How To Change When Change Is Hard

Gerald J. Leonard is currently the CEO of Principles of Execution, a certified MBE dba Turnberry Premiere

Episode 88 “9 step process for developing stories” with Gerald Leonard

Welcome back, today it is my pleasure to have Gerald Leonard back on the show. Gerald joined us back on Episode 17 and gave us some great insights around developing a company culture that works.

Gerald J. Leonard Bassist

776: Workplace Jazz: Get Unstuck, Rediscover Your Passion, and Build a High-Performing Team with Gerald Leonard

Have you lost your passion for your job? Are you feeling completely burned out or has your flame simply been extinguished? Gerald Leonard offers a unique approach to accomplish more productivity in the workplace using his 9-step Workplace Jazz method to help your team achieve peak performance..


The Deliberate Practice of Gratitude: Day 48

In this conversation, we explore the unexpected connection between deliberate practice and gratitude.

E369: Practice The Right Way To Achieve Peak Performance With Gerald Leonard

What You'll Learn: - How to use practice to rewire your brain - The bamboo tree metaphor reveals how growth happens - Deliberate practice - Habits for success

America Meditating

America Meditating Radio Show

Gerald joins us to discuss why the hallmarks of high performing employees are nearly identical to those of artists and share how management can tap into their teams’ natural creativity to keep them engaged, collaborative and successful.

Tools To Transform Your Team Into A Productivity Powerhouse

In this interview, I talk with Gerald J. Leonard about tools to transform your team into a productivity powerhouse. And how this can improve your business.

Twins Talk It Up

Twins Talk it Up Episode 33: Workplace Fusio‪n‬

In this episode of Twins Talk it Up, we are joined by our good friend and fellow coach and speaker Gerald Leonard.

A Life and A Living

Workplace Jazz with Gerald J Leonard | Episode # 39

Today’s guest on A Life and a Living Podcast is Gerald J. Leonard, CEO of Principles of Execution and accomplished musician. The work he has done as a consultant is absolutely fascinating.

The Round Table Talk

The Round Table Talk Show with Ask Sharifah

February 24th Episode of The Round Table Talk Show

How Practice and Visualization Creates Success

According to the American Psychological Association, “Deliberate practice occurs when an individual intentionally repeats an activity to improve performance.

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